Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Seiad Valley to Oregon/CA border. August 27 miles 1700

This past weekend we met Bouncer in Seiad Valley.  A forest fire was threatening  to have the small town evacuated.  The town was celebrating its annual Seiad Valley Day- the only fund raiser for the small community.  While the band played that night the fires lit up the ridge above town creating a beautiful scene.
Lack of cel service and a faulty starter in the RV led to the first day's plans getting cancelled.  We were not at the Paradise Lake trailhead at the appointed time.  Bouncer and AsUWish waited for 3 hours and ended up back in Etna- and then taking a hitch to Yreka and a bus to Seiad Valley.  We made it up to the trailhead by 9:30 pm- 6 hours late and no sign of Bouncer.  We did have a bear run across the road in front of  our vehicle.  We left for Seiad Valley next morning thinking he had kept hiking south.
 We waited at the trailhead in Seiad Valley for most of the day and greeted our new hiking family as they came down the trail.  Typo was already at the cafe finishing up his milkshake.   We met Chef and Pocohantas as they were walking to town. They told us that Bouncer was planning to stay at Paradise Lake last night. Sitting in the shade were Safari, I'm Fine and Fire(?) .  Two got a hitch into town and I'm Fine insists on walking every inch of the way- be it on trail or on road.
Our friends Neon and OnaMove were next.  " Oh yes, Bouncer is at Paradise Lake waiting for you". They waited for a hitch and then came back and asked for a ride.   Next one down the trail was Astro.I did not know him but had followed his blog. Yes, he would love a ride to town.  Off went Maks again on the 6 mile road to town.No sooner did Maks leave than another 3 hikers appeared.  Two section hikers and Listener who is from Deland FL- the town where Maks and I were married.     We kept waiting for Bouncer to show up- but the threesome that just came down the trail had camped up at Paradise Lake and never saw Bouncer there. We started to worry at this point. 
As Maks drives Astro in to town there is Bouncer walking up the road towards him.  Reunited at last. So Astro gets dropped off and we pick up AsUWish and we are all together again.  Maks takes the last 3 hikers to town and  comes back for us.  Back up that long road we go up the Scott River and we camp at a campground 7 miles from Paradise Lake trailhead.  Next morning we deliver AsUWish and Bouncer to the trail- take a few pictures and off they go.  We get back in the rig and turn the key and there's no response.  The starter has died.  We are 33 miles from anywhere and no cel phone service - I prayed- Maks wanted to cry.  We waited an hour.  Then Maks crawled under the engine and whacked the starter with the blunt end of an ax and we had ignition.  Wahoo.
Back to Seiad Valley again and the trailhead-  we waited all day and  were happy to see Mike (Orny) and Jesse- two of the Canadians we knew from the McCloud trip.  They got a ride in Maks' taxi.   Once Maks got back he hiked up the trail and returned with our hikers.  We drove into town expecting to have a steak dinner as part of Seiad Valley Day but all the food was gone by then except for ice cream and potato chips- so once again we had hot dogs and beans.  We had a wonderful evening with the Canadians and the band was right there playing until midnight and the locals drinking beer and with the forest fire it was all lovely.  Just as we pulled in to town we were in time to see Storytime, Flower and Flatlander leaving for a ride up to the pass so we had a quick hug for Storytime who we met on our first trip (Walker Pass), again at Sonora Pass and now this time.

Next morning we go up the pass- no the road is not closed yet and the firefighters are cutting the brush out trying to save the town.  We pick up Old Yeller from Texas and add him to the cargo.  He is hauling a 12 pack of beer on top of his pack.  We drop off the hikers and then back to the RV park to do laundry and clean up- then off we go to Jacksonville and follow the Applegate River and then Yellowjacket Ridge all the way up the dirt road to where we ourselves started our PCT journey 20 years ago.  We locate the spot- set up camp- interrupt Listener who is eating her dinner.   Flatlander and Flower hike past.  We expect Bouncer around 9pm.  but he shows up an hour early so stoked to be back in Oregon.  We drink champagne- hugs all around and have dinner in the RV as it is starting to get chilly at night.  Yeti comes in and sets up across the road.

Next morning we walk to the border and take lots of pictures.  And then it's time to say goodbye again.  It was all wonderful and we get so caught up with all of the hikers.  This group of 12-15 hikers seems to miss out on the trail magic that the main pack gets. They are so appreciative of any real food at this point. Anyone out there wanting to trail angel?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Castella milepost1506.5

A long hot climb out of Castle Crags.
Blog posted by Paul's Mom.  Thursday August 9
We went to Burney Falls SP  and took forest roads crossing and recrossing the PCT until we saw Bouncer waiting for us at Peavine Creek. We went back into Burney Falls SP to pick up the package which had new hiking shoes- pair #3.  While there we ran into Neon and OnaMove.
Back up to Peavine Creek and the PCT.  A brief look around the area revealed a nice meadow with a big camp used by deer hunters.  Spent a pleasant evening.  Next morning Bouncer hit the trail right after breakfast.  A short time later Neon and OnaMove came in so we offered bagels, oranges, melon and deli turkey as well as coffee.  We soon learned that you only need to offer once.  Wolverine came in and enjoyed the snack as well.  We were just learning how to be trail angels and so far we thought we were doing okay.
The plan was to meet Paul at Bartle Gap.  Many of the forest service roads were closed and those that were open were poorly marked so we went back to McCloud Ranger Station to buy a map.  Then we found the correct road and once we got into the area near the PCT we found ourselves in an active logging zone and the access road was torn up and quite rough.  Fortunately Bouncer had walked about 1/3 of a mile down the road to see if the road was open- we were ready to turn around so it was a good thing we saw him.  Up the rough road we went and made camp in the clearcut. 
As we sat around camp we were visited by the gang.  Neon and OnaMove stopped by- but they planned to camp nearly 2 miles further where there was water.  Wolverine came in  as well as Orny and Kim. Typo, Jessie and Gator all had decided to keep hiking.  Ben (the Lorax) stopped in and stayed- grateful for the last beer and a place to stay.  We all agreed to meet up the following evening at Ash camp.

Next morning Bouncer and the Lorax hit the trail for their 23 1/2 miler to Ash Camp.  Maks and I headed for town to buy supplies for the party.  Several 12 packs of beer, bratwurst, buns, hot dogs, potato salad, macaroni salad, watermelon, grapes, pancake mix, sausages, syrup, pepsi, baked beans, potato chips and pickles and lots of ice.  We drove into camp and I started cooking some vegetables I had left from Farmer's market- some squash and wax beans.  I made a vegetable plate and a cucumber salad.  Maks went up the trail to find them but came back after two hours with no results.

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Wolverine,Neon and ONaMove

We put this invite on the trail.

The Lorax

After breakfast

Getting ready

Off they go

Bouncer says goodbye
Then Bouncer showed up followed by the Lorax and so the hikers started to trickle in until we had a group of ten- and the party began.  No picky eaters in this bunch.  Last two hikers came off trail in the dark.
Next morning we made sausage and pancakes and 5 pots of coffee. All the food was eaten. Another couple came in and then Wolverine showed up.  So I broke out more hot dogs, the remaining potato salad and macaroni salad and beans and turned out quite a few hikers decided they needed to top off before donning their packs and they had a second breakfast.  Then they all left single file down the trail and across the bridge over the McCloud River on their way to Castella and I5.   Always a sad moment to say goodbye again.

Maks and I headed to Castella and left the resupply box at Armatti's deli- such a kind and considerate man.
Bouncer called from Castella to say all is well and is on the way to the Trinity Alps and Etna.
We had a wonderful time and met some great hikers.  Looking forward to the next trip.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Left Ash Camp and plan to be in Castella  by Tuesday at noon.  Oregon getting closer.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Finished the hot and dry Hat Creek Rim stretch.  Smoke from the Lassen fires was drifting north and ash was falling from the sky.  Looks like I hiked through there just in the nick of time.
Easy hitch from hwy 299.  Not only did the first car I thumbed turn around, but the one behind stopped as well!
Time to hit the trail.  Mt Shasta here I come!



Finished the hot and dry Hat Creek Rim stretch.  Smoke from the Lassen fires was drifting north and ash was falling from the sky.  Looks like I hiked through there just in the nick of time.
Easy hitch from hwy 299.  Not only did the first car I thumbed turn around, but the one behind stopped as well!
Time to hit the trail.  Mt Shasta here I come!


Saturday, August 4, 2012

North of Belden

Hitched to Quincy and stopped in the Natural Foods  store where I met Lucinda.  She knows People's Coop in Portland as well as  Miles who is on staff there.  She ended up giving me a ride to Chester and now I'm back on the PCT.  Thank you to the people who went so far out of their way to gives me rides around the fire.
The scenery ahead is clear and free of smoke and am heading into Lassen National Park.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hello all.  Still in Sierra City trying to figure out how to detour around the fire.  Looks like I'll have to hitch a ride to Chester.


Sierra City

August 2.  

I'm writing this for Paul as he is busy hiking and doesn't get much time to update any more.
We met him the day after his birthday at Sonora Pass and we camped together that night.  Next day we went in to Bridgeport so he could shower and do laundry.  Then we dropped him off and said our farewells for another month.
Since then he has hiked to Echo Lake and done the Desolation Wilderness on the west side of Lake Tahoe.
There is a forest fire in Belden area and the town has been evacuated.  The PCT is closed in that section so plans are being made to get up to Chester and avoid the Belden area.   He is with a group of hikers who are making decisions on their route. Will keep you posted.