Thursday, August 16, 2012

Castella milepost1506.5

A long hot climb out of Castle Crags.
Blog posted by Paul's Mom.  Thursday August 9
We went to Burney Falls SP  and took forest roads crossing and recrossing the PCT until we saw Bouncer waiting for us at Peavine Creek. We went back into Burney Falls SP to pick up the package which had new hiking shoes- pair #3.  While there we ran into Neon and OnaMove.
Back up to Peavine Creek and the PCT.  A brief look around the area revealed a nice meadow with a big camp used by deer hunters.  Spent a pleasant evening.  Next morning Bouncer hit the trail right after breakfast.  A short time later Neon and OnaMove came in so we offered bagels, oranges, melon and deli turkey as well as coffee.  We soon learned that you only need to offer once.  Wolverine came in and enjoyed the snack as well.  We were just learning how to be trail angels and so far we thought we were doing okay.
The plan was to meet Paul at Bartle Gap.  Many of the forest service roads were closed and those that were open were poorly marked so we went back to McCloud Ranger Station to buy a map.  Then we found the correct road and once we got into the area near the PCT we found ourselves in an active logging zone and the access road was torn up and quite rough.  Fortunately Bouncer had walked about 1/3 of a mile down the road to see if the road was open- we were ready to turn around so it was a good thing we saw him.  Up the rough road we went and made camp in the clearcut. 
As we sat around camp we were visited by the gang.  Neon and OnaMove stopped by- but they planned to camp nearly 2 miles further where there was water.  Wolverine came in  as well as Orny and Kim. Typo, Jessie and Gator all had decided to keep hiking.  Ben (the Lorax) stopped in and stayed- grateful for the last beer and a place to stay.  We all agreed to meet up the following evening at Ash camp.

Next morning Bouncer and the Lorax hit the trail for their 23 1/2 miler to Ash Camp.  Maks and I headed for town to buy supplies for the party.  Several 12 packs of beer, bratwurst, buns, hot dogs, potato salad, macaroni salad, watermelon, grapes, pancake mix, sausages, syrup, pepsi, baked beans, potato chips and pickles and lots of ice.  We drove into camp and I started cooking some vegetables I had left from Farmer's market- some squash and wax beans.  I made a vegetable plate and a cucumber salad.  Maks went up the trail to find them but came back after two hours with no results.

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Wolverine,Neon and ONaMove

We put this invite on the trail.

The Lorax

After breakfast

Getting ready

Off they go

Bouncer says goodbye
Then Bouncer showed up followed by the Lorax and so the hikers started to trickle in until we had a group of ten- and the party began.  No picky eaters in this bunch.  Last two hikers came off trail in the dark.
Next morning we made sausage and pancakes and 5 pots of coffee. All the food was eaten. Another couple came in and then Wolverine showed up.  So I broke out more hot dogs, the remaining potato salad and macaroni salad and beans and turned out quite a few hikers decided they needed to top off before donning their packs and they had a second breakfast.  Then they all left single file down the trail and across the bridge over the McCloud River on their way to Castella and I5.   Always a sad moment to say goodbye again.

Maks and I headed to Castella and left the resupply box at Armatti's deli- such a kind and considerate man.
Bouncer called from Castella to say all is well and is on the way to the Trinity Alps and Etna.
We had a wonderful time and met some great hikers.  Looking forward to the next trip.

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  1. Bouncer, go do it to the end. Don't stop now. You are doing what I could never do, so you are fulfilling a dream I could not do. Go man, do it and make me proud.
    Love you Uncle Steve