Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 51 - Walker Pass - mile 651.4

Very hot but a nice breeze today.  I was very excited to get to Walker Pass and see my parents. 
The morning's walk was hot and waterless until we finally reached the spring and cabin.  Lots of obsidian flakes in the area showed the use of the area by the native americans.
The cabin was rustic and unfortunately every square inch had somebody's signature.  Why people need to sign buildings or bathrooms is beyond me.
We could see Walker Pass way before the trail took us down there.  When we got to the campground we found a trail angel named Okie Girl.  While drinking a cold beer, I saw my parents miss the turn and continue up to the pass.  Eventually they turned around and we met up soon after.  Hugs, smiles and stories were soon exchanged. 
Spent the night at the KOA in an RV site.  Michigan Wolverine joined us.  


Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 49 - junction to Willow springs -mile 622.2

Long hot day today.  I'm camped up at the saddle.  No shade here except for a few joshua trees and the ants have already taken those spots.  I set up the tent for wind and sun protection at 6:00.
Sean camped nearby.  He's back on the trail after 11 days off due to injury.
I was out of water so I hiked 1.8 miles down and back from the spring.Arrg!


Day 48 - Landers camp - mile 607.3

I only went 7 miles today.  I'm glad since it was HOT again.  I will need to go 30 miles in a day and a half to meet my parents on time.
When I walked up to the spring I interrupted Shags and Storytime napping next to the spring.  The water tasted so cold and fresh on such a scorching day.
The campground had tall and welcoming Jefferson pines.
I lost my knife today :(


Day 47 - Robin Bird spring - mile 602.2

Another hot and sunny day on the so cal PCT.  Left camp late since I'm meeting my parents this weekend at Walker Pass.  That means I only need to hike 80 miles before Friday.  Good thing in this high desert environment. Walked from one water source to the next.  Took all day.  Passed the 600 mile mark, yipee.  When I arrived at the spring, I found Shags and Storytime there with a fire going and sipping on some whiskey.  A reunion of sorts ensued. 
The water source was awesome and the three of us chose to drink it straight from the pipe.
The stars are awesome tonight!


Day 46 - Golden Oak Spring - mile 583.4

Hot and dry.  Passed through more wind farms today. 


Day 45 - just north of hwy 58 - mile 568

Left town today and hiked a few miles up the trail.  I actually hiked 8 miles without my pack thanks to help from a trail angel.  She brought my pack to hwy 58 where I da Shags and Storytime.  Since I resupplied in town my pack was super heavy! 
I also made plans to meet my parents at Walkers Pass on Friday.


Day 44 - Tehachapi - mile 558.3

The wind was strong today!  Met some guys working on the wind farm. They gave me some water and we had a great conversation.  I got some contact info after I expressed my interest in that occupation.
When I arrived at the road I called a ride angel who picked me up and dropped me off at the Best Western.  It's pricey so I will eat cheap to offset the room cost.
I enjoyed a long soak in the hot tub.


Day 43 - Cottonwood creek - mile

The wind was really strong today but it was still hot.  It was boring hiking up the aquaduct for 16 miles.  Wish I has a skateboard for the covered part.  Lots of Joshua trees bit little shade.  Every plant out here is sharp and thorny.
Cottonwood camp is a place where the aquaduct crosses over a dry creek bed and it provided some relief from the wind and sun.  Winds all night blew fine dust into everything.  Oh well, such is life on the Mohave.


Day 42 - Hikertown - mile 518.3

Still windy in the am.  Hiked down out of the trees into the Mohave valley.  The trail is routed around the Tejon Ranch and tortures you with many ups and downs.  Much warmer on the valley floor.  I later learned that the trail will be rerouted.
Rolled into Hikertown about 1:00.  After a while we got a ride to the store and got a freshly made sandwich.
Hikertown is a group of small buildings constructed in an old west style.  I slept in the city hall building.What a great place.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 40 - Sawmill-Liebre Firebreak - mile 489

Cooler today.  Waited until noon to get a ride to the trailhead.  Then it was hiking as fast as I can since it seems like I'm falling behind the pack.  It didn't help that I was passed by Tuna Helper.  He is 12 days in to the hike and passed 500 miles!  If you do the math, its mind boggling.  He is going for the record and it was all I could do to keep up for a few miles.
Grey clouds pushed thier way over the ridge from the west in the afternoon.  The weather got cold.  The first grove of coulter pine I climbed to I made camp.  John, another thru, joined me late that evening.  We had a good conversation before turning in.
Glad to be back on the trail!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 39 - Casa da Luna - zero day

What can I say?  I did nothing today.


Day 38 - Casa da Luna - mile 478.6

Hot and sunny.  Hiked with Sparrow and Barracuda until the first water cache at Bouquet Canyon road.  Then Joe Anderson showed up and they caught a ride to his house skipping 13 miles of trail.  Wish I would have done the same!
This section of trail is where the "24 in 24 challenge occurs.  Since its 24 miles between trail angels (the Saufley's and the Anderson's), some hikers will slack pack but bring a whole case of beer and drink them on the way.  Sounds like fun but I opted out.
The second water cache - the Oasis - was awesome!  A cooler filled with ice and beverages.  I hung out for a while.  Finally did the last 6 miles to the Andersons arriving at 8:30 pm.
Great day!


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 37 - Mint Canyon - mile 458.5

Waited to leave Agua Dulce at about 7:30 pm due to the heat.  Hiked the roads leading out of town as it got dark.  Stopped hiking at about 10:00.  Drifted off to sleep with the sound of combines working the fields just up canyon.  Slept out under the stars.
Why is my pack always so heavy when I leave town?


Day 36 - the Saufley's - mile 454.4

Another hot sunny day.  Passed through Vasquez Rocks.  Got into Agua Dulce about 1:00.  Stayed with the Saufley's who open thier home to hikers.  It's called hiker heaven.  There is an extra trailer to stay in and many tents set up in the backyard - each one complete with cots to sleep on.  Bicycles are available for those who want to ride into town.
Very comforting place to stay.  I also resupplied here.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 35 - KOA campground - mile 444.2

Sunny and hot.  Hiked into the Saufley's and arrived just after my resupply box.  Great place.  The Saufley's are awesome!
Caught a ride into town where I ordered a new pair of shoes.  Went to In and Out burger - it was so crowded there.


Day 34 - North Fork Saddle Ranger Station - mile 436.2

Sunny and hot again.  Hiked 12 miles to the KOA and stayed the night.  The pool was a great way to cool off from the hot dusty hiking.
Lots of poodle dog bush on the trail.


Day 33 - Mt Gleason rd - mile 421.2

Sunny again.  Found out my box will he a little late arriving to the Saufley's.  No need to push the miles.Hiked to the North Fork Ranger Station where I made an early camp.
Poodle dog bush on the trail.  It is like poison oak and it should be avoided.  It is an invasive species that grows in burned areas.  The trail is passing through the Station fire area.


Day 32 - Three Points picnic area - mile 403.2

Sunny and warm.  Less wind.  Trail detoured due to the endangered yellow legged frog.
Hiked to a picnic area where 10 of us were able to hitch to a restraunt and eat and drink.
Lots of trail magic today!


Day 31 - Little Jimmy campground - mile 384

Cold, windy and sunny.  Clouds still pushing over the crest but weather improving.
Saw lots of runners today.  The parking lot for Baden-Powell was busy.  Saw a bus load of hikers arrive and hit the trail.  There must have been 30 in number.
When 2 attractive female runners came up in t-shirts and shorts, I knew it was time to take off the down coat and start up the mountain.
3.7 miles later I was standing at the top sharing a summit beer with Inspector G, Hop-a-long, Veggie, Shags, Bolts, and Dead Animal.  I also met Sparrow and Barracuda, a mother and 7 year old son.  He is attempting to be the youngest person to do the trail.  He even made sure I had enough water for the next stretch.  He is very intelligent.
I saw Natty back on the trail.  He had to get off trail to attend a funeral. 
Good hiking day.  It's so nice to be in the mountains.