Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 38 - Casa da Luna - mile 478.6

Hot and sunny.  Hiked with Sparrow and Barracuda until the first water cache at Bouquet Canyon road.  Then Joe Anderson showed up and they caught a ride to his house skipping 13 miles of trail.  Wish I would have done the same!
This section of trail is where the "24 in 24 challenge occurs.  Since its 24 miles between trail angels (the Saufley's and the Anderson's), some hikers will slack pack but bring a whole case of beer and drink them on the way.  Sounds like fun but I opted out.
The second water cache - the Oasis - was awesome!  A cooler filled with ice and beverages.  I hung out for a while.  Finally did the last 6 miles to the Andersons arriving at 8:30 pm.
Great day!


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