Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mile 2000. Santiam Pass to Ollalie.

On Thursday we drove in to McKenzie Pass to meet up with Bouncer.  The Pole Creek fire had all of entries south of hwy 242 roped off including the road to Little Lava Lake where we had planned to meet.  The pass was very smoky and the locals were driving up to the observatory to look at the fire.  We wrote out a message to advise Bouncer of our new meeting place and Maks hiked south to leave the note at the turn-off for the lake.  Then he came back to the pass- and not 5 minutes later Bouncer showed up.
We drove into Bend to get a passport card for Canada and then went to Sisters Three Creeks Lodge for some food and a game of pool.  Back up towards the pass - we camped at Cold Springs campground.  Next morning trucks brought the firefighters in to the campground where they crashed on the ground in their sleeping bags- exhausted after being up all night fighting the fire.
Dropped Bouncer off- Flatlander and Flower waving as we went by.
McKenzie Pass

Then we went back to Bend for some REI  shopping.  Read the names of our hiking family in the store's register.  Some skipping going on as nervous hikers worry about getting to Canada in time.
We met Bouncer at the old Santiam wagon road and camped there.  Flatlander and Flower stopped by and shared some snacks and some stories and Gonzo came over and joined us as well.  In time they went on their way.
Flatlander and Flower

Santiam Pass trailhead

section F

Next morning Special Delivery showed up- he had spent the night at the Big Lake youth camp-  City Food was still there and we never did see him come by.  Bouncer had a terrible time trying to get motivated- it was really difficult to see him struggle with what he wanted to do - that is, go home and watch football- and his goal of finishing the trail.  He has done this section more than once so it holds no surprises and it has been burned by fire so the hike is through a dead forest which is pretty depressing.  He hiked the 4 miles to Santiam Pass and we met up again- he hefted his backpack onto his shoulders and set off for  Three Fingered Jack and Mt. Jefferson.  He should be at Ollalie Lake on Monday and only an hour from home. Hopefully we can all go in and have a picnic and campout with him this coming weekend.

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  1. Wow!!!!! These blogs are so awesome! Paul you look great! And very happy!!! And Libby and Max it sounds Great for ya'll, too! Love It, Joyce