Monday, October 1, 2012

Over Mt. Hood and out of Oregon

Libby posting for Bouncer again.

The past two weeks have been busy as the Mt. Hood area is the family playground- so Maks and Libby took every opportunity to drive over to see Bouncer.
On Monday, Sept. 17th Bouncer called from the trail after his trek through the Mt. Jefferson wilderness.

We met at Ollalie Lake- beautiful as always - and ran into the gang:  the Canadians with their new dog, Neon and Onna Move as well as Special Delivery.  Bouncer showed up, had a brief visit with fellow hikers and we went to Ollalie Meadows to camp. The elk were bugling and we heard some head-butting.  Fall is in the air.

Next morning we drove Bouncer back to the PCT.   We planned to meet again on Thursday at Little Crater Lake.
By Thursday Bouncer was at Frog Lake on Hwy. 26.  He wanted a rest day as his ankle was hinting at possible trouble.  We went to Little Crater Lake for a good rest.  Maks put the paper plate invite on the PCT sign and pretty soon I'm Fine came in for a visit.  We were having pizza for dinner so he shared a slice and then some cheesecake before leaving to put in a few extra miles.

Next day we went back to Frog Lake and Bouncer called to tell us of the beautiful mushroom growing next to the trail.  A nice chicken-of -the -woods just getting started.

We met again at the crossing of Hwy 35. Then he went off up the trail to Mt. Hood and Timberline Lodge.   Next day enjoyed the company of a guest hiker.
Monica say "I smell socks"

On Sunday the family came in to Lost Lake for a visit with brother and uncle.  Had some great fishing as well as good food.
Back to Lolo Pass to spend the night before hitting the trail again.
Then a 30 miler to make up for the day off.  And Bouncer is hiking the PCT so he took the Benson Plateau and not the Eagle Creek alternate.
Maks and I met the Canadians just getting ready to cross Bridge of the Gods into Washington.  Also spent time with Special Delivery as he was stuck for a few days waiting for a new backpack to arrive.

Bouncer headed off into Washington- only one more state to go. And the weather still sunny with another week to go in September.

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  1. Great, Great Pictures!! You look so good Paul!!!
    Congratulations on living a "Dream"!!!!
    Wish we could have been at Lost Lake with everyone!
    Love Always,
    Uncle Steve, Joyce and Joshua