Monday, October 1, 2012

Washington week in review.

Libby posting for Bouncer again.

Bouncer has hiked from the river to the big lava bed and through Indian Heaven.  The forest fire is still burning  so the Mt. Adams wilderness section is roped off and the trail picks up again at Potato Hill- then on to Midway and into the Goat Rocks wilderness.  Maks' favorite place to hike and see wildlife.

We met at Panther Creek and camped there for the night. Then Bouncer set off for the big lava bed and Crest Camp.  We drove to Crest Camp, set up camp and hiked south to meet him.  Ran into Storytime on the trail.
the vine maple are turning red

Bouncer and bratwurst

Later, as we were having a meal, Gonzo showed up and joined us.

We went home to catch a High School football game as well as a soccer game next morning.  Then we set off again for Washington and met up with Bouncer on the 88 road.   In the morning he hiked out to the 23 road and the closed trail. Hee Haw had left the carton of coke for the hikers and firefighters. The air was very smokey.
making oatmeal packs
two billy goats
Bouncer decided to take a nero at Tahklakh Lake- a beautiful place that holds some special memories for him.  He listened to football games and got some rest.

up into Midway Meadows
In the morning we went to Potato Hill. The smoke was really bad and the sun rose a bright red- a forest fire sun.  Bouncer set off for White Pass- but not before we intercepted him one last time at Midway Meadows.
See you later Bouncer. 


  1. Very nice Lib. I love reading about something I can no longer do but wish I could. I check everyday for more. Beautiful narrative, beautiful pictures. Go Bouncer. All the way.

  2. I'm really enjoying this. Thanks for the updates. Keep it up please. joerunner

  3. Just read "my" blog.....thanks Mom. You have done a wonderful job.