Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Southbound train

All aboard.  Here I go I'm taking the train to San Diego right now.  I'll have plenty of time to relax since it takes 1 1/2 days.  Little mad I got an aisle seat but the guy I'm next to is really quiet - as in asleep.   I think I'll be in the observation car most of the way. 

Stopped off at Next Adventure for a last minute item.  Those guys are great and even gave me a high five send off.



  1. Hey, sorry you didn't get a window. Is the train pretty full? Good luck trying to get some sleep.

  2. If you stop wearing deodorant it helps to get the seat to yourself. Give it a try. Maybe develop an annoying cough or really fidget or something. Jen

  3. Your adventure is bringing back happy memories of my house being full of food parcels, all to be sent at specific times and how much fun it was to get extra little,light weight treats and pack them for Sarah, and then reading excited postings after she got them :). Have a wonderful journey and say hi to Canada for me.