Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 11 - Coyote Canyon road - mile 139.3

Awoke to a beautiful morning.  Left camp at 8:00 am.  It was a hot and dry hike.  I passed one water cache. 
I also saw an horseman with 4 dogs.  He asked if I knew that there are mountain lions in the area.  Why is that equestrians do that?  Are they afraid?  That's the third time I've been "warned".   One guy even told me his horse sensed one up the trail.
I arrived st the Paradise Cafe before it closed at 3:00 and got my Jose burger.  The waitress was so nice.
I saw Damsel and Lucy, Nugio, Highlife, and Just a Test.  Highlife is a guy who hikes in a skirt.  Not only does he hike in a skirt, he wears it out in public places as in the Paradise Cafe!  The locals thought it was hilarious.  So did I!
I got a ride into Idyllwild where I took the rest of the day off.  cheap motel. The shower felt great!


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