Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 30 - Jackson Flat campground - mile 371.6

It was really cold last night!  Woke up with sun shining in the tent door.  After packing up my ice coated tent, I set off for the hike along the Angeles Crest.  I wad immediately greeted with a cold grey cloud and wind blasting over the ridge. Condensation that collected on the trees was swept off by the rain causing mini rainstorms downwind of the trees.  I bundled up as best I could in my raingear but the wind penetrated my clothing. 
Today's hike called for a climb Mt Baden-Powell but there was no way I was going up alone.  I decided to pull up short of the mountain and hope that weather improves tomorrow.  Hot cocoa is so good right now because its really cold!


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  1. Bouncer,
    I talked to several hikers that told the story of how you got your trail name. Good luck dancing with the Poodle Dog Bush and Poison Oak. We zeroed at Hiker Heaven and the got off trail at Casa De Luna. We're back home in San Diego now and will be going up to the Third Gate Water Cache soon to clean it up.
    Best of luck to you and try not to get sucked into the hiker vortex at the trail angels homes. P.S. I left 11 ice cold beers at the Lunatic lounge, just tell terrie and Joe Anderson that Mulestomper and Sky Pilot sent ya.