Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 4 - Lower Morris Meadow - mile 39.1

Sunny and clear.  Got up and hiked about 4 miles to Mt Laguna.  Russ had a box to pick up at the PO and we also wanted a burger.  Saw Paul from the train ride down - he is now known as "Natty" for his ability to pound cheap beer.
I went to the restraunt while Russ sorted through his box.  The restraunt was busy but had a limited menu.  I had a burger and 2 beers.  I even got challenged to a fight by some freak who was making some scene.  I told him to fuck off just to watch him really blow his fuse.  Russ was right there to back me.  His poor kid had to watch his father loose it during such a cool time as a thru hike.  Fun times.  Perfect town day. 
Headed out about 4:00 but I had to run back .5 because I forgot my water bottle.  We hiked to the next water at Noble Canyon trailhead and stealth camped. 


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