Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 3 - Boulder Campground - mile 26.4

Sunny.  Took our time getting ready this morning.  Our campsite was the first one you came to off the trail and everyone asked us about the water and we provided the directions.  Some found it and others did not.
We hiked to Fred's Canyon and lounged with about a dozen other thrus.  We all waited out the heat and talked about the trail. 
We set our sites on an off trail campsite called Lower Morris Meadow about .3 miles off the trail.  On the trail leading to it we saw some firefighters.  They said they were putting out some campfires but I think they were just hiding new firerings.  One of the younger guys driving a forestry truck told us there was no water and Russ just said bullshit!  It was a funny kind of standoff before learning the trough was empty but the seep flowing.
We found a nice site under the some Jeffrey pines - a nice change from all of the brush we had been passing through. 
We shared tortilla soup, a can of chili, and a pint of vodka.  Listened to some music and took it easy.
Life is good.



  1. Nice to hear from you in detail. Would love to see all those flowers blooming in the desert. Mom