Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 17 - Snow Creek road - mile 206.5

I didn't sleep to well due to the wind.   I was hiking up to the faucet as other hikers were coming down.  I was glad to see that so many hikers had made it down to the important water source after such a brutal descent.
I filled up my water bottle for the 5 mile hike through the desert floor.  The part I almost skipped was soon completed.  I arrived at the bridge for a second time and enjoyed a cold soda.  Then it was off to Ziggy and the Bear's, trail angels.  They call thier place the Whitewater House.
I called Mom since it was Mother's Day.  Then enjoyed pizza and burgers while waiting for it to cool down.
I left at 5:00 and quickly made my way to the trout farm where I camped with 4 other guys - Jessie, Mike, Tyler, and Waffles.  Slept right next to the wading pond.  Its a wonderful park.


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