Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 8 - Barrel Springs - mile 101.4

What an incredible day!  Awoke misty drifting over the low hilltops.  It made the walk to Warner Springs very surreal.  Hills, the sun, even cows would appear out of the mist.
Arrived at Warner Springs at about 11:30 and immediately ditches my pack under the shade of some tall oaks near the school.  Then I retrieved my supply box and even enjoyed the warm beer I had sent myself.  Turned out that with everything closed in town, the closest beer was 16 miles.
Packed my food, washed clothes, ate a burger, and even picked up an acoustic guitar and played a little. 
Russ showed up as I was almost done with my town chores.  The Warner Springs community did a fantastic job.  I got antsy again and was back on the trail by 4:00 with Udi.  It was wonderful walking through the afternoon sunshine.  My pace was slow because I was weighted down with food.  I let Udi go ahead and took a break in the dry streambed. 
Up the trail I met Robert aka Banana Pants (no explanation needed) who was looking at a rattlesnake in the tall grass.  He tried to get a good shot with his camera mounted to his trekking pole but it wasn't until I parted the grass that the shot was considered a success.  He was very excited to show this video when he goes back to Austria.
Ended up at a nice creekside campsite after 5 miles.  I'm camped by myself for the first time on the trip.

Another great day on the trail!  My favorite hiking so far.

Earned my trailname....Bouncer, for my altercation at Lauguna Restraunt. 

Thank you trail angels and Warner Springs


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  1. I was starting to wonder what your trail name was! Keep truckin man!