Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 14 -Cedar Springs camp - mile 162.3

Clear and sunny.  When I woke up st 5:40, Greyhound was already gone.  I took my time getting ready with having the pleasure of having such a nice campsite to myself. That's when I noticed all of the woodpeckers and hummingbirds enjoying the oasis.
There was a bit of a security breach last night when a mouse tried to chew a hole in my tent.  I slapped the tent where the noise was and felt it go flying.  It scurried off and I threw out the half eaten bar that it was after as a sacrafice so I could get some sleep.
Eventually I donned my pack.  Trudging back the mile up to the PCT was a great way to start the day, especially since I was loaded with 6 liters of water.
Over Apache Peak, down Forbes Saddle I went.  At one point the person I was behind took a wrong turn and I watched him climb up the wrong trail.  Too late to warn them or call out since I had followed before deciding it was the wrong trail and going back to a switchback where the navigation error occurred.
Great day to be in the mountains.  The trail skirted 9000' elevation and was blasted out of the cliff in many places.
In the late afternoon I saw Wolverine and a few more thru's.  I also saw the person that turned the wrong way. The stream was still flowing above Little Taquitz valley do I quickly found a great camp amongst some granite outcroppings.
It's really nice to be out here!


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