Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 7 - San Felipe hills - mile 80.5

Another windy night.  I woke up early and started packing.  Lots of people came by.  I met Cory from Denver so I immediately started talking about the Broncos and Peyton Manning.
I said goodbye to Russ after heating up some water.  Then I walked 23 miles to Barrel Springs.  Stopped at the third gate water cache and took approx 1 quart only.  I walked with Udi awhile and soon it seemed we were ahead of everyone since we could see miles ahead and behind.
When we eventually reached Barrel Springs there were wonderful signs that led to trail angels.  Food and beer were consumed.  The best surprise of the trip!

Oh, I also saw a jet go screaming through the canyon I had just passed through.  Top gun.


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  1. Well my friend you are my hero, I am coming out of a really bad divorce. I am 45 and when I turn 46 I am going to make the same trip you are now. I appreciate the trouble you are going to blogging all the way. It is really appreciated by those of us that will follow in your steps. Peace be your journey. If there are any supplies you need. Email me and let me know where and when.

    Allan Francis