Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 13 - Idyllwild - mile 151.3

Sunny and warm.  I caught a ride back to where I got off the trail on highway 74.  The first car I thumbed picked me up.  It was herq.  I noticed he was in the coffee shop earlier so he may have known I needed a ride.
It was already hot at 9:00 when I started.  8 miles to the next off trail water at Live Oak Spring.  Saw a couple who asked if I was thru hiking and talked awhile.
Gentle climbing brought me to a junction where I saw the person ahead of me take the wrong turn.  I watched his silver umbrella climb the slope to the south.  He eventually passed me later that day.
Got down to Cedar Springs and had the area myself for awhile.  Later I was joined by Greyhound who was using an external frame pack and a Wentzel tent that is suited for backyard camping.  Great guy.  Former bike racer.
I found 4 morels in camp!



  1. Hope you had some oil to cook those morels. Have a great day!

  2. You're finding more mushrooms than I did all weekend! We miss you mushrooming. Looks like your trip is going well! I love reading your posts (instead of doing homework). Wish you the best! -Emily