Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 15 - Taquitz Valley junction - mile 176.7

Sunny and warm.  I slept well and was hiking by 7:30.  The trail wound its way through the mountains and many junctions were passed.  The path was soft from forest duff.  Cool mountain air whispered through the trees.  The rocky clefts of the taquitz rocks gleamed in the white sunlight.  I started seeing hikers coming up the Devils Slide trail that I had seen prior to getting off the trail 25 miles ago. Maybe I didn't loose that much time after all.
As I was filling up my water containers, Russ comes up the trail!
We got caught up on our separate trips into town, which hikers call zeros or nearos, depending on thier mileage.
We decided to camp early in some boulders next to the last reliable water for 25 miles, the north fork of the San Jacinto river.
Some hikers came in late and camped near.

I only went about 9 miles.  That is a nearo.


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