Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 27 - above Cajon Pass - mile 345

Hot and sunny.  It was a long dry stretch to Cajon Pass.  Seeing I-15 in the distance for most of the day was unusual.  There were so many trucks and trains hauling freight to and from LA.
I met Bolts along the way and we hiked into the gathering of businesses best the interstate.
We blew right past McDonalds and found most of our friends at the taco stand.
After eating, we drank a few beers before grabbing a sandwich and some last minute goodies.
We said goodbye to each other under the interstate and I headed into section D.  I called my brother and hiked a while as it grew dark.  I found a rare flat spot to camp under a tower.  Bolts and Safari came up to join me. 
It was weird listening to the buzzing of the powerline and the traffic in the pass below.  Awesome view though!


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